Comparative Analysis of Practical Transfer Pricing Issues: An EU/US Approach

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In today's economic environment, tax authorities are focusing more on transfer pricing as an additional source of revenue. Increased enforcement efforts and the introduction of new rules have resulted in new challenges (and opportunities) for multinational enterprises. Join us for a discussion of practical approaches and possible solutions to some of today's transfer pricing issues. This webinar will focus on key topics, including:

  • successful implementation of global or regional planning and compliance
  • homogeneity of Europe and other regions
  • perspectives on business restructuring
  • documentation of benefits received from services
  • strategic use of advance pricing agreements

Presented by:

Astrid Pieron, Partner, Brussels. Ms. Pieron has more than 25 years of tax experience, including 20-plus years of focus on international taxation. She has vast experience in transfer pricing, including APAs and structuring European transfer pricing policy for multinationals. She is the head of the European Transfer Pricing Centre.

Brian P. Trauman, Partner, New York. Mr. Trauman is a tax lawyer whose practice is focused primarily on federal and international tax controversies. He was recently recognized in International Tax Review, World Tax 2009 by a tax director as having "excellent judgment and knowledge in transfer pricing."

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