Climate Change: Disclosure Regulation

Thursday, April 2, 2009

There is increasing pressure on companies to disclose the environmental impact of their activities - whether through securities disclosures about effects on their bottom line or through consumer advertising about the performance of their products and services. But what guidance is available on what to say, and what are the risks of getting it wrong?

To help business leaders understand the key issues and challenges, the Climate Change practice at Mayer Brown is presenting this one-hour webinar to address questions such as:

  • What environmental information does the SEC expect to be disclosed to investors and how?
  • How do the FTC's "green" advertising regulations work?
  • What are the potential liabilities that may arise from misleading claims and disclosures?
  • Does it make sense to rely on third-party certifications?

This webinar will help you identify some of the potential pitfalls and take early action to keep your business on track.

Eric Finseth
- Palo Alto
Roger Patrick - Washington DC
Mitchell Raup - Washington DC
John Schmitz - Washington DC

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