Audio Briefing
Defending Cross-Border Securities Investigations: Challenges of the New Enforcement Climate

Feb. 27, 2009

With the credit crisis, Madoff's ponzi and other problems rolling out, there is considerable political and investor pressure on the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators to demonstrate that they are tough enforcers. The expected strong response will extend to typical SEC cross-border areas of interest, as it seeks to show its strength in policing global markets and tackling fraudulent schemes that extend beyond US boundaries. Public companies, regulated entities and their counsel need to focus now on how best to respond to optimize the outcome of any cross-border matter they may have to confront in this new enforcement climate.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Cross-border implications of the new enforcement climate
  • Cross-border cases the SEC typically pursues
  • The SEC's toolkit for going cross-border - beyond plain vanilla MOUs
  • Successfully defending cross border investigations

Stephen J. Crimmins
Richard J. Morvillo

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CLE Credit Pending

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