Attorney Ethics in a Wireless Digital World

January 13, 2009, 1:00 p.m. EST

The modes of communicating in law practice have subtlety yet dramatically changed with the spread of wireless and digital communication. Although the application of attorney ethics rules to traditional modes of communication are well-known, we are only now beginning to learn how to apply the rules to cell phones, blackberries, text-messaging, wireless faxing and much more. This program will discuss application of the rules to new forms of digital and wireless communications.

Topics include:

  • Blackberries, Treos & PDAs: Ensuring confidentiality of wireless communications
  • Remote access to law firm databases and files
  • WiFi and wireless network vulnerabilities
  • Emerging e-mail risks
  • Best practices for avoiding professional liability
Mayer Brown Speakers:
Michael E. Lackey

Hosted by:
Professional Education Broadcast Network

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