Outsourcing and Offshoring 2008: Protecting Critical Business Functions

Nov. 3 - 4, 2008
PLI New York enter-New York, NY

Outsourcing issues cover a wide range of legal areas, including information technology, IP, tax, employment, privacy and data ecurity, regulatory affairs, corporate matters, insurance, real estate and dispute resolution. This program will address:

  • What every lawyer should now about external service provider deals, including offshore outsourcing transactions
  • Recognizing and avoiding common IP pitfalls
  • How to manage the utsourcing contract process
  • "Green sourcing"ÿ- using outsourcing to acquire "Green Technology" and imposing Green Technology requirements on roviders
  • The role of statements of work and service levels in the structure of outsourcing deals
  • How to develop the price for the vendor's services
  • How to fix broken deals (and relationships)
  • Governance and dispute resolution in outsourcing arrangements
  • Addressing essential privacy nd data security issues

Mayer Brown Speakers:
Rebecca S. Eisner
Brad L. Peterson

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