Credit Market Distress Monthly Teleconference Series

Join us for the first of Mayer Brown's teleconference series focusing on the business impact and legal challenges stemming from the credit market disruptions that continue to propagate throughout the financial system and market.ÿ These 30-minute monthly briefings are designed to give you a legal update on the current issues facing corporate America including potential new regulations, pending and potential SEC enforcement and litigation matters, bankruptcies, corporate dealings and financial implications. Members from across Mayer Brown's interdisciplinary Credit Market Distress Team will provide insight on these wide-ranging ramifications stemming from the current economic environment.


There are approximately $330 billion of auction rate securities (ARS) outstanding, including corporate, municipal and closed-end fund issuance, and until recently ARS were properly regarded as an attractive and useful financing technique. The credit crisis has changed that perception dramatically to the point that ARS are now regarded as a "problem" and many affected issuers face significant ARS restructuring challenges.

Join us as this month's teleconference focuses on selected exposure and restructuring issues affecting ARS. Topics to be covered include:

  • Market overview (including the different "types" of ARS)
  • Restructuring constraints and recent SEC and IRS steps to facilitate ARS restructuring
  • Special municipal issues (including the recent New York Department of Insurance guidance regarding the termination of "non-cancelable" financial insurance)
  • Broker-dealer exposure

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

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For additional information, please contact:
Jean Shim at or +1 202 263 3885
Somer McBride at or +1 202 263 3015