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Mayer Brown partner Stuart Litwin (Chicago) has been named chairman of the American Bar Association (ABA)’s Securitization and Structured Finance Committee. Mr. Litwin previously served as vice-chairman of the committee.

As a co-leader of the Mayer Brown’s Structured Finance practice, Mr. Litwin has extensive experience in the securitization of virtually all asset types. His areas of expertise include the securitization of retail and commercial auto loans and leases, consumer and small business marketplace loans (including payment processing loans), credit cards, and FFELP and private student loans. He represents virtually every major bank and investment bank in at least some aspect of their businesses.

The ABA’s Securitization and Structured Finance Committee aims to provide a forum for discussion of legal issues and market trends related to securitization and other structured finance transactions, including structuring, legal, regulatory, accounting and market aspects of transactions and the securities markets.