Mayer Brown and Jingtian & Gongcheng (J&G) are pleased to announce that the two firms have reached a global cooperation agreement.

Mayer Brown and J&G have enjoyed a close and collaborative working relationship since the formation of a formal association between Mayer Brown and J&G Hong Kong Office in 2015. To further strengthen its competitive advantage in overseas capital markets, J&G has decided to establish its local law practice in Hong Kong, thus concluding the formal association with Mayer Brown on 31 August 2018.

Drawing on the synergy created by the association, however, the firms have jointly decided to open a new chapter of the working relationship that will result in greater and closer cooperation globally. The two firms will continue to draw on each other’s strengths and work together in joint business development initiatives and cross-border matters for the benefit of their clients.

Whilst both firms intend the relationship to be highly collaborative, this does not involve a merger or combination and the two firms will remain separate partnerships without any economic integration and with separate client engagements.