Asset-Backed Alert has ranked Mayer Brown as the top issuer counsel by value and number of US ABS/MBS transactions for the second consecutive year, with 72 deals valued at $49.65 billion. Mayer Brown also tied for second place as issuer counsel for CLOs and ranked third for underwriter counsel for US ABS/MBS transactions.

A leader in the creation and expansion of the global and regional ABS and MBS markets, Mayer Brown’s Structured Finance practice has securitized almost every asset type. The firm’s experience includes structuring securitizations of first-lien, home-equity and subprime residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, non-performing loans, auto loans and leases, student loans, equipment loans and leases, mobile device payment plan receivables, and the resecuritization, repackaging and re-REMIC of MBS.