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Klaus Riehmer is quoted in Caijing on the increase in Chinese investments in Germany especially in the areas of technology.

In the article, Klaus says that Chinese investments are currently concentrated in the areas of science and technology and infrastructure. Chinese investors have the advantage of a strong backing from their shareholders on investment decisions. However, the legal system in China may raise less transaction certainty to German sellers, which would require a Chinese bidder to put a certain part of the purchase price into a deposit account.

An increasing number of Chinese companies seeking to invest in Germany have also triggered a series of disputes about the loss of German industrial technology. Reuters quoted a German government source as saying that Germany is closely watching China's investment and funding to ensure that important German technology is not lost. Klaus Riehmer believes the German legal framework does not prohibit the sale of technology even if it is key for certain industries. “German companies also need to make their own overseas investment including in key technologies. Global trade and welfare will certainly suffer if we shut down our key technologies.”

In order to better prevent and avoid possible risks, Klaus Riehmer offers a few suggestions to Chinese investors planning to invest in Germany. In time, Chinese enterprises should rationalise and simplify their internal decision-making process in order to compete with US and European companies. At the same time, they should also get as much information as possible to overcome their low investment experience, because lack of experience could lead to additional risks. Therefore , in order to obtain the best information and the most effective advice , Chinese enterprises should be more forthcoming with their information and give advisors and sellers a level of comfort in order to get the best information and useful advice to complete the transaction.