Mayer Brown has made a donation to fund the construction of a health clinic in Akeqi Village in Xinjiang, China. Akeqi Village is located in a remote part of Xinjiang, it has over 500 households with over 1,500 residents, including 100 children under the age of five. Residents of the village are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

The construction of the single story brick masonry structured clinic was finished in late 2014. It covers about 64 square meters and is equipped with rooms for diagnosis, treatment, pharmacy, as well as maternal & child healthcare etc. The addition to its existing clinic nearby has highly improved the medical consultation and public health services to residents in the area.

As an employer, we encourage our staff to participate in corporate social responsibility activities and to engage in charity and pro bono work and Mayer Brown has indeed had a long history supporting the works of World Vision. In the past two years, and to carry on our spirit supporting the World Vision, our staff have organised different fund raising events for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippine in 2013 as well as victims of the 2014 Yunnan earthquakes which left hundreds dead, thousands inured. As a result of their efforts, we raised over six digit amount in total to help the victims in need.