Mayer Brown, a leading global law firm, has published Current Issues in Internal Corporate Investigations, a new desktop reference guide that informs businesses on how to navigate the complex legal environment resulting from allegations of misconduct.

With the underlying reasons for conducting internal investigations expanding, especially for public companies that face shareholder scrutiny, the new Mayer Brown guide is a valuable tool for helping corporations anticipate and mitigate the potentially enormous collateral consequences of multijurisdictional investigations.

Key questions the publication answers include:

  • What are the key factors in deciding to conduct an internal investigation?
  • How does an organization maintain all of its privileges during the investigation?
  • What are the practical benefits stemming from an internal investigation?
  • What is the best approach for employee interviews?
  • How should inside and outside counsel interact?

The book also provides practical advice and guidance on managing internal investigations, including strategies to minimize risk internationally, safeguard privileges, control costs and maintain appropriate relationships with multiple regulators.

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To request a copy of the book, email Britt Svendsen.

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