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Mayer Brown, a leading global law firm, announced today that Carolyn Osolinik and Evan Tager were named to The National Law Journal’s Champions and Visionaries 2012 list, which recognizes Washington lawyers for work that has advanced the practice of law. The NLJ noted that the “trailblazers” profiled “have won cases at the U.S. Supreme Court and influenced policy at the Justice Department. They’ve charted new courses for their firms and in-house legal departments, and spent hundreds of hours on pro bono cases that made a difference. The results of their work often can be felt far beyond the Beltway.”

The NLJ’s selections have been divided into two categories: Champions, those who have upheld the profession's core values through public service, pro bono work and advocacy for civil liberties; and Visionaries, attorneys whose business foresight or legal acumen has expanded their firms, advanced the law or improved government.

Ms. Osolinik was selected in the Champions category for her pro bono work representing the U.S. International Committee on Disabilities, urging the Senate to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by July 26 — 22 years after President George H.W. Bush signed the ADA into law. Marca Bristo, president and chief executive officer of the United States International Committee on Disabilities, praised Ms. Osolinik’s efforts in the article, saying that she “has devoted a substantial amount of time and energy on efforts to secure the ratification of the treaty. ‘She’s been just tremendous.’”

Mr. Tager was recognized in the Visionaries category for his work representing Cingular Wireless (now AT&T Mobility) to help create an incentives-based customer arbitration process aimed at reducing the number of class actions the company had to fight. In AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in April 2011 that the Federal Arbitration Act preempts states from refusing to enforce arbitration provisions on the ground that they disallow class actions. Recognizing the nearly ten-year duration of Mr. Tager’s efforts in this area, The National Law Journal said that “Evan Tager has established himself as one of the great marathon runners in the federal appellate system.”

J.R. Nunn, assistant general counsel for CSX Transportation Inc., describes Mr. Tager in the feature: “In response to a particularly bad trial outcome years ago, we selected Evan to lead our appellate team. His reputation was that of a master strategist and communicator, with top-tier analytical skills and a unique ability to simplify the complex and make sense of confusion. I learned he is that and more. Evan brings a value set and open-mindedness that allow him to become a trusted business partner and is eager to align his interests with the client's.”

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