10 March 2010 – Mayer Brown, a leading global law firm, announced today that 64 of its attorneys are ranked in the 2010 edition of  Chambers Global: The World’s Leading Lawyers for Business, including 13 who achieved top-band ranking or higher in 10 regional and/or global categories.

The new Chambers edition also ranked Mayer Brown in 53 geographic and/or practice categories including Global, Africa, Asia-Wide, Europe-Wide, Latin America-Wide, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.  Of these  rankings, seven are top-tier: International Trade/WTO (Europe-Wide and Belgium), Outsourcing (Global and US), Capital Markets: Securitization (US), Banking & Finance (Vietnam), and Corporate/M&A (Vietnam).

Mayer Brown’s Brussels-based trade team won Chambers’ plaudits in the International Trade/WTO category, both in Belgium and Europe-Wide.  “I would never hesitate to work alongside this Brussels group; it is…prompt, effective, reliable, trustworthy, highly professional and fun to work with,” a Chamber source says.

In explaining Mayer Brown’s top-tier rankings in both the US and global Outsourcing categories, Chambers says the firm “remains a giant in outsourcing work.” In the US, Chambers noted the firm’s strength in Chicago, New York, Washington, DC and Houston.  The global ranking reflects Mayer Brown’s strength in the US and UK and its growing presence in Southeast Asia and China, Chambers says, adding that “Its deal sheet is indicative of its global reach and wide-ranging skills.”

Of the firm’s top-tier-ranked US Capital Markets: Securitization team, Chambers sources said, “Mayer Brown has always been superb at understanding our priorities every step of the way, which has been of profound value lately." Chambers recognized practice members as “the country's best and brightest,” giving them praise “for their ability to devise creative solutions to a variety of issues.”
The Banking & Finance practice in Vietnam “has a leading reputation for the strength and quality of its advice to key clients in the sector.  A long-standing presence in the region combines with a large team of 25 lawyers on the ground in Vietnam. Multinational clients feel that the firm offers ‘the expertise and experience in the key issues,’” Chambers states.

Chambers says the Corporate/M&A practice in Vietnam  is a “significant force in the M&A arena” and characterizes the group as famous for “stellar transactional work and the international network offered by the Johnson Stokes & Master and Mayer Brown alliance. It continues to be a top destination for both local and international clients involved in multi-jurisdictional M&A.”

Partners who achieved top-band ranking or higher include: Robert C. Baptista (Banking & Finance – US), Vincent J. Connelly (Litigation: Trial Lawyers – US), Rebecca S. Eisner (Outsourcing – US), Stephen Hood (Banking & Finance: Locally Based International Counsel – Brazil and Projects – Latin America-Wide), Nicholas Hunsworth (Dispute Resolution: Hong Kong – China), Jason H.P. Kravitt (Capital Markets: Securitization – US), Barry N. Machlin (Projects – US), Daniel A. Masur (Outsourcing – US), Dao Nguyen (Banking & Finance – Vietnam and Corporate/M&A - Vietnam), Brad L. Peterson (Outsourcing – US), and Paulette Vander Schueren (International Trade/WTO – Belgium/Europe-Wide).

Following is a complete list of this year’s Chambers Global rankings for Mayer Brown.

Category Rankings
Asset Finance (Band 4)
Capital Markets: Securitization (Band 2)
Capital Markets: Structured Finance & Derivatives (Band 3)
Data Protection (Band 4)
Employment (Band 2)
Intellectual Property (Band 2)
International Trade/WTO (Band 2)
Outsourcing (Band 1)
Projects (Band 3)
Projects & Energy: Mining & Minerals (Band 2)
Tax (Band 4)
Technology & Communications (Band 4)

Projects & Energy (Band 3)

Asset Finance (Band 2)
Corporate/M&A (Band 4)
Intellectual Property (Band 2)
Shipping: Finance (Band 2)

International Trade/WTO (Band 1)

Latin America-Wide
Banking & Finance (Band 2)
Capital Markets (Band 3)
Corporate/M&A (Band 3)
Projects (Band 2)

International Trade/WTO (Band 1)

Banking & Finance: Locally based international counsel (Band 2)

China/Hong Kong
Banking & Finance: China/Hong Kong Foreign (Band 3)
Banking & Finance: Hong Kong: General Banking (Band 2)
Capital Markets: International & Hong Kong Law: Securitization (Band 2)
Corporate/M&A: China/Hong Kong Foreign (Band 4)
Corporate/M&A: Hong Kong (Band 3)
Dispute Resolution: Hong Kong (Band 2)

Banking & Finance (Band 3)
Corporate/M&A (Band 4)

Banking & Finance: Acquisition Finance & Syndicated Lending (Band 5)
Capital Markets: Structured Finance (Band 3)

Corporate/M&A (Band 4)

United Kingdom
Corporate/M&A (Band 5)
Dispute Resolution (Band 4)

United States of America
Banking & Finance (Band 2)
Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (Band 4)
Capital Markets: Securitization (Band 1)
Capital Markets: Structured Products (Band 4)
Competition/Antitrust (Band 2)
Corporate/M&A (Band 4)
International Trade (Band 4)
Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation (Band 4)
Investment Funds: REITs (Band 4)
Outsourcing (Band 1)
Privacy & Data Security (Band 3)
Projects: Infrastructure (Band 2)
Tax: Corporate & Finance (Band 3)

Banking & Finance (Band 1)
Corporate/M&A (Band 1)
Dispute Resolution (Band 2)

“Leaders in Their Field” Rankings:

Asset Finance
Alastair MacAulay (Global – Band 3)

Banking & Finance
Robert C. Baptista (US – Band 1)
Douglas A. Doetsch (Latin America-Wide – Band2) (US – Band 2)
David K. Duffee (Latin America-Wide – Band 3)
Jacqueline Evans (United Kingdom – Band 3)
J. Paul Forrester (US – Band 2)
Stephen Hood (Latin America-Wide – Band 3)
Jean-Pierre Lee (France – Band 4)
Jean-Philippe Lambert (France – Band 3)
Dao Nguyen (Vietnam – Band 1)
Mai Phuong Nguyen (Vietnam – Band 2)
Matthieu de Varax (France – Band 3)

Banking & Finance: Acquisition Finance & Syndicated Lending
Manfred Heemann (Germany – Band 4)

Banking & Finance: Hong Kong: General Banking
Allan W.M. Yu (China – Band 3)
Keith Cheung (China – Band 3)

Banking & Finance: Locally Based International Counsel
Stephen Hood (Brazil – Band 1)

Capital Markets
Douglas A. Doetsch (Latin America-Wide – Band 2)
Stephen Hood (Latin America-Wide – Band 4)
James P. Patti (Latin America-Wide – Band 3)

Capital Markets: Debt & Equity
Edward S. Best (US – Band 4)
Philip J. Niehoff (US – Band 4)
Paul W. Theiss (US – Band 4)

Capital Markets: International & Hong Kong Law: Securitization
Jeffrey H. Chen (China – Band 2)

Capital Markets: Securitization
Mary C. Fontaine (US – Band 4)
Carol A. Hitselberger (US – Band 4)
Paul A. Jorissen (US – Band 2)
Jason H.P. Kravitt (US – Band S: Senior Statesman)
Stuart M. Litwin (US – Band 2)
Keith F. Oberkfell (US – Band 3)
George A. Pecoulas (US – Band 4)
Jon D. Van Gorp (US – Band 4)

Capital Markets: Structured Finance
Ralf Hesdahl (Germany – Band 3)
Jörg Wulfken (Germany – Band 4)

Capital Markets: Structured Products
J. Paul Forrester (US – Band 3)  

Stephanie Bates (United Kingdom – Band 4)
Peter D. Burke (Thailand – Band 2)
Scott J. Davis (US – Band 3)
Douglas A. Doetsch (Latin America-Wide – Band 3)
Dao Nguyen (Vietnam – Band 1)

Corporate/M&A: Hong Kong
Elaine Lo (China – Band 3)

Dispute Resolution
Clare Canning (UK – Band 2)
Andrew Legg (UK – Band 4)

Dispute Resolution: Hong Kong
Jacob Y.S. Tse (China – Band 4)
Nicholas Hunsworth (China – Band 1)

Dispute Resolution: Litigation
Mark Hilgard (Germany – Band 4)

International Trade: FCPA Experts
Simeon M. Kriesberg (US – Band 2)

International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy
Michael Kantor (US – Band 3)

International Trade/WTO
Madelein Perrick (Belgium – Band U : Up and Coming)
Paulette Vander Schueren (Belgium – Band *: Star ) (Europe-Wide – Band 1)

Investment Funds: REITs
Michael T. Blair (US – Band 4)

Litigation: Trial Lawyers
Vincent J. Connelly (US – Band 1)

Sonia Baldia (US – Band 4)
Rebecca S. Eisner (US – Band 1)
David M. Hudanish (US – Band 2)
Geofrey L. Master (US – Band 4)
Daniel A. Masur (US – Band *: Star)
Brad L. Peterson (US – Band 1)
Kevin A. Rang (US – Band 4)
Paul J.N. Roy (US – Band 2)

Privacy & Data Security
Jeffrey P. Taft (US – Band 3)

Christopher P.B. Erckert (Latin American-Wide – Band 3)
Stephen Hood (Latin America-Wide – Band 1)
Barry N. Machlin (US – Band 1)
John R. Schmidt (US – Band 4)
Jose L. Valera (US – Band 4)
James Vickers (Latin America-Wide – Band 3)

Projects & Energy
Ian Coles (Africa – Band 2)