13 June 2008 - Mayer Brown LLP, a leading global law firm, announced today that 121 of its attorneys are ranked in the 2008 edition of Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business, including 36 who achieved top-band ranking or higher in 24 national and/or state categories.

The new Chambers edition also ranks Mayer Brown practices in 63 categories - 26 national categories and 37 state categories in California, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, D.C. Of the national rankings, five are top-tier: Appellate Law; Capital Markets: Securitization; Outsourcing; Tax: Controversy; and Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial).

"The appellate group at Mayer Brown stands head and shoulders above its competitors.and now has a specialist team comprising over 60 partners, counsel and associates," Chambers says. "Fielding lawyers of the 'highest caliber,' the team is truly national in scope. Clients declare its lawyers to be 'fantastic in providing support in previously uncharted territory,'" Chambers adds.

Of Mayer Brown's Securitization practice, Chambers says it is "fully deserving of its place among the elite" and lauds its "immaculate reputation for securitization work since the inception of the industry." Clients say that practice members ".bring a lot of experience to the table and can give a sense of how the market stands," Chambers reports.  

Chambers notes the strength of Mayer Brown's business and technology sourcing practice in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York and Houston. A comment by one interviewee sums up the market consensus regarding the team, the publication says: "Whenever there's a shortlist of firms pitching for a major deal, it's almost inevitable Mayer Brown will be there." 

Mayer Brown's Tax Controversy practice "'sets the gold standard' and demonstrates its 'obvious excellence' in high-profile federal matters," Chambers says, adding that the firm "garners particular praise for its 'hand-in-glove approach to working with clients,' who report that the firm 'engages with its clients and takes care to understand all the issues.'"

In the Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial) category, Chambers says Mayer Brown is  "active across the board on regulatory and litigation issues in the industry" and "highly respected." Chambers also notes that "Competitors see the practice as 'a firm you hold in the highest esteem, even when it is your opposition.'"

Following is a complete list of this year's Chambers USA rankings for Mayer Brown. 

Practice Category Rankings:


    Antitrust (Band 2)
    Appellate Law (Band 1)
    Banking & Finance (Band 2)
    Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (Band 4)
    Capital Markets: Securitization (Band 1)
    Capital Markets: Structured Products (Band 4)
    Corporate/M&A (Band 4)
    Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Regulatory Enforcement & Investigations) (Band 2)
    Financial Services Regulation: Banking & Securities (Regulatory Compliance) (Band 2)
    Financial Services Regulation: Securities (Regulatory Enforcement & Investigations) (Band 3)
    Franchising (Band 4)
    Government: Government Contracts (Band 3)
    Intellectual Property (Band 4)
    International Arbitration (Band 5)
    International Trade (Band 4)
    Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation (Band 4)
    Investment Funds: Registered Funds (Band 3)
    Investment Funds: REITs (Band 3)
    Outsourcing (Band 1)
    Privacy & Data Security (Band 3)
    Products Liability (Band 4)
    Tax: Controversy (Band 1)
    Tax: Corporate & Finance (Band 3)
    Transportation: Rail (for Railroads) (Band 2)
    Transportation: Road (Carriages/Commercial) (Band 1)
    Transportation: Road (Infrastructure) (Band 2)

California (office in Los Angeles)

    Banking & Finance (Band 4)
    Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (Band 2)

District of Columbia (office in Washington)

    Antitrust (Band 3)
    Litigation (Band 3)
    Litigation: Appellate (Band 1)
    Projects (Band 2)
    Real Estate (Band 2)
    Securities Regulation (Band 4)
    Technology & IT Outsourcing (Band 1)

Illinois (office in Chicago)

    Antitrust (Band 1)
    Banking & Finance (Band 1)
    Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Band 4)
    Communications (Band 1)
    Corporate/M&A: Private Equity (Band 1)
    Energy & Natural Resources (Band 2)
    Environment (Band 2)
    Insurance: Coverage Litigation (Band 3)
    Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory (Band 3)
    Intellectual Property (Band 3)
    Labor & Employment: Benefits & Compensation (Band 1)
    Litigation: General Commercial (Band 1)
    Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (Band 1)
    Real Estate (Band 1)
    Tax (Band 1)
    Technology & IT Outsourcing (Band 1)

New York (office in Manhattan)

    Antitrust (Band 4)
    Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Band 4)
    Latin American Investment (Band 4)
    Litigation: General Commercial: Highly Regarded (Band 3)
    Technology & IT Outsourcing (Band 1)

North Carolina (office in Charlotte)

    Banking & Finance (Band 3)

Texas (office in Houston)

    Banking & Finance (Band 2)
    Corporate/M&A (Band 3)
    Litigation: General Commercial (Band 3)
    Real Estate (Band 3)
    Technology & IT Outsourcing (Band 2)
    Technology: Corporate & Commercial (Band 3)

Mayer Brown 2008 Chambers USA "Leaders in Their Field"

Lee N. Abrams (Illinois) (Band 1)
Robert E. Bloch (District of Columbia) (Band 5)
Richard J. Favretto (District of Columbia) (Band 4)
Robert F. Finke (Illinois) (Band 3)
Donald C. Klawiter (District of Columbia) (Band 2)
Andrew S. Marovitz (Illinois) (Band 1)
T. Mark McLaughlin (Illinois) (Band 2)
Mark Ryan (District of Columbia) (Band 5)
Richard M. Steuer (New York) (Band 2)

Banking & Finance
Robert C. Baptista (Illinois) (* Above Band 1)
Douglas A. Doetsch (Illinois) (Band 2)
J. Paul Forrester (Illinois) (Band 3)
Jonathan Kron (Illinois) (Band 3)
John F. Lawlor (Illinois) (Band 4)
Brian E. Newhouse (California) (Band 3)
Michael E. Niebruegge (Texas) (Band 1)
James P. Patti (Illinois) (Band 3)
Ami G. Scott (Illinois) (Band 2)
Marshall C. Stoddard (California) (Band 3)

Thomas S. Kiriakos (Illinois) (Band 2)
Brian Trust (New York) (Band 4)

Capital Markets: Debt & Equity
Philip J. Niehoff (National) (Band 4)
Paul W. Theiss (National) (Band 4) 

Capital Markets: Securitization
Christopher J. Brady (National) (Band 3)
Mary C. Fontaine (National) (Band 4)
Carol A. Hitselberger (National) (Band 4)
Robert F. Hugi (National) (Band 1)
Paul A. Jorissen (National) (Band 2)
Jason H. P. Kravitt (National) (Senior Statesman)
Stuart M. Litwin (National) (Band 2)
Keith F. Oberkfell (National) (Band 3)
George A. Pecoulas (National) (Band 4)
Jon D. Van Gorp (National) (Band 4)

Capital Markets: Structured Products
J. Paul Forrester (National) (Band 3)

Christian F. Binnig (Illinois) (Band 2)
J. Tyson Covey (Illinois) (Band 2)
Dennis G. Friedman (Illinois) (Band 2)
Hans J. Germann (Illinois) (Band 3)
Theodore A. Livingston (Illinois) (Band 1)
Demetrios G. Metropoulos (Illinois) (Band 3)
John E. Muench (Illinois) (Band 3)

Scott J. Davis (Illinois) (Band 2)
Robert F. Gray (Texas) (Band 4)
Robert A. Helman (Illinois) (Senior Statesman)
Jennifer L. Keating (Illinois) (Band 4)
Richard Warren Shepro (Illinois) (Band 2)
Paul W. Theiss (Illinois) (Band 4)
Frederick B. Thomas (Illinois) (Band 2)

Corporate/M&A: Private Equity
John W. Noell (Illinois) (Band 3)

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Robert P. Davis (District of Columbia) (Band 3)

Energy & Natural Resources: Transactional
J. Paul Forrester (Illinois) (Band 2)

Environment: Litigation
John C. Berghoff (Illinois) (Band 3)
Timothy S. Bishop (Illinois) (Band 1)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Regulatory Enforcement & Investigations)
Marc R. Cohen (National) (Band 2)
Thomas J. Delaney (National) (Band 3)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking & Securities (Regulatory Compliance)
Charles M. Horn (National) (Band 2)
Marc R. Cohen (National) (Band 3)
David Sahr (National) (Band 2)

Financial Services Regulation: Securities (Regulatory Enforcement & Investigations)
Michael R. Butowsky (National) (Band 3)
Richard J. Morvillo (National) (Band 2)

Lee N. Abrams (National) (Band 4)

Government: Government Contracts
Marcia G. Madsen (National) (Band 1)

Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory
Richard Warren Shepro (Illinois) (Band 3)

Intellectual Property
Sharon Israel (Texas) (Band 2)
Joseph A. Mahoney (Illinois) (Band 4)

International Arbitration
William H. Knull (Texas) (Band 4)
Jeffrey Sarles (National) (Band 4)

International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy
Michael Kantor (National) (Band 3)

Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation
Kathleen A. Walsh (National) (Band 3)

Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Stephanie Monaco (National) (Band 2)

Investment Funds: REITs
Michael T. Blair (National) (Band 4)

Labor & Employment
Marcia E. Goodman (Illinois) (Band 3)

Labor & Employment: Benefits & Compensation
Robert P. Davis (District of Columbia) (Band 1)
Herbert W. Krueger (Illinois) (Band 1)
Wayne R. Luepker (Illinois) (Band 1)

Litigation: Appellate
Andrew L. Frey (New York) (Band 1)
Kenneth S. Geller (District of Columbia) (Band 2)
Andrew J. Pincus (District of Columbia) (Band 2)
Evan M. Tager (District of Columbia) (Band 2)

Litigation: General Commercial
Vincent J. Connelly (Illinois) (Band 1)
Thomas M. Durkin (Illinois) (Band 3)
James R. Ferguson (Illinois) (Band 4)
Sheila M. Finnegan (Illinois) (Band 4)
Edward D. Johnson (California) (Band 5)
Jonathan C. Medow (Illinois) (Band 4)
Michele L. Odorizzi (Illinois) (Band 3)
Steven M. Shapiro (Illinois) (Band 2)
Steven Wolowitz (New York) (Band 3)
Herbert L. Zarov (Illinois) (Band 4)

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Vincent J. Connelly (Illinois) (Band 1)
Bryan D. Daly (California) (Band 1)
David S. Krakoff (District of Columbia) (Band 3)

Jeffrey Andrews (National) (Up and Coming)
Sonia Baldia (National) (Up and Coming)
Rebecca S. Eisner (National) (Band 2)
David M. Hudanish (National) (Band 2)
Geofrey L. Master (National) (Band 4)
Daniel A. Masur (National) (* Above Band 1)
Brad L. Peterson (National) (Band 1)
Kevin A. Rang (National) (Band 4)
Paul J. N. Roy (National) (Band 2)
Seth J. Weinberger (National) (Band 4)

Products Liability
Herbert L. Zarov (National) (Band 3)

Barry N. Machlin (District of Columbia) (Band 1)
Barry N. Machlin (National) (Band 2)

Real Estate
John J. Gearen (Illinois) (Band 1)
Frank H. Henneburg (District of Columbia) (Band 3)
Alvin Katz (Illinois) (Band 1)
M. Marvin Katz (Texas) (Senior Statesman)
Milos Markovic (Illinois) (Up and Coming)
Paul E. Meyer (Illinois) (Band 4)
Jeffrey A. Usow (Illinois) (Band 3)
Neil Wasserstrom (Texas) (Band 3)
Keith J. Willner (District of Columbia) (Band 2)

Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Ivan P. Kane (Illinois) (Band 1)

Securities Regulation: Enforcement
Richard J. Morvillo (District of Columbia) (Band 2)

George W. Craven (Illinois) (Band 2)
Kenneth Klein (District of Columbia) (Band 4)
George A. Luscombe II (Illinois) (Band 3)
Timothy C. Sherck (Illinois) (Band 2)
Joel V. Williamson (Illinois) (Band 1)

Tax: Controversy
David F. Abbott (National) (Band 4)
Thomas C. Durham (National) (Band 2)
Thomas L. Kittle-Kamp (National) (Band 3)
Larry R. Langdon (National) (Band 4)
Scott M. Stewart (National) (Band 3)
Joel V. Williamson (National) (Band 1)

Technology: Corporate & Commercial
Robert F. Gray (Texas) (Band 1)

Technology & IT Outsourcing
Jeffrey Andrews (Texas) (Band 3)
Sonia Baldia (District of Columbia) (Up and Coming)
Rebecca S. Eisner (Illinois) (Band 1)
David M. Hudanish (New York) (Band 1)
Geofrey L. Master (District of Columbia) (Band 2)
Daniel A. Masur (District of Columbia) (* Above Band 1)
Brad L. Peterson (Illinois) (Band 1)
Paul J. N. Roy (Illinois) (Band 1)
Seth J. Weinberger (Illinois) (Band 2)

Transportation: Rail (for Railroads)
Robert M. Jenkins III (National) (Band 1)

Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commerical)
Erika Z. Jones (National) (Band 1)

Transportation: Road (Infrastructure)
John R. Schmidt (National) (Band 1)

Wealth Management: Central Region
Howard M. McCue III (National) (Band 1)