Mayer Brown LLP, a leading global law firm, has been retained to represent iPCS Wireless, Inc., Horizon Personal Communications, Inc., and Bright Personal Communications Services, LLC (the "Affiliates"), in a suit filed yesterday in the Circuit Court of Cook County against Sprint Nextel and certain related entities ("Sprint").  

The complaint alleges that Sprint's recently announced transaction with Clearwire to promote, develop and sell mobile wireless services with Wi-Max technology would breach the Affiliates' agreements with Sprint, and that Sprint is attempting to evade a prior judgment of the Circuit Court which has been affirmed by the Appellate Court of Illinois. 

Under their agreements, the Affiliates have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build portions of Sprint's wireless network and to promote Sprint products and services in their exclusive territories. The agreements precluded Sprint from competing with the Affiliates in their territories.  Earlier this year, the Appellate Court unanimously affirmed a Circuit Court ruling that Sprint had breached these agreements following Sprint's 2005 merger with Nextel. 

Last week Sprint filed a suit in the Delaware Chancery Court seeking a declaration that the proposed joint venture with Clearwire would not breach the Affiliates' agreements.  The Affiliates' Illinois complaint alleges that Sprint filed suit in Delaware in an attempt to avoid the Illinois courts.

The Affiliates have retained Mayer Brown to represent them in both cases. The team includes John Muench, Jim Metropoulos, and Michael Forde.