26 February 2008. Mayer Brown LLP has announced an increase in the amount of paid leave provided to lawyers in caring for their families. In addition, the firm announced paid leave for eldercare and a unique coaching program for new parents.

Mayer Brown has increased paid maternity and parental leave for lawyers who work in its U.S. offices from 12 weeks up to a total of 18 weeks, inclusive of medical leave. For adoptions, the primary caregiver of a newly adopted child will now have paid parental leave for 18 weeks (previously six weeks). The Firm also will continue to offer 6 weeks paid parental leave for secondary caregivers.

In addition, Mayer Brown is among the first firms to offer a coaching program to provide support to new parents returning to work from maternity, parental and adoption leaves who are facing the challenges of integrating the demands of work and family life.

Another new program will allow lawyers who need time to serve as primary caregiver for elderly family members to take up to six weeks' leave with full salary.

"We intend to be a leader in providing a supportive workplace for our lawyers and their families," said Mayer Brown Chairman James D. Holzhauer. "The new leave policy and, in particular, our innovative programs for eldercare leave and coaching for new parents returning to work ensure our leadership in this area."

For more information, contact:
Gary Gerard
Asst. Director of Public Relations
Mayer Brown/New York