Dec. 6, 2007 - Sixty-four Mayer Brown lawyers are ranked by Chambers Global: The World's Leading Lawyers in its just-published 2008 edition. Among the individually-ranked lawyers, eight are in the top tier for their practice areas. Chambers Global also gives top-tier ranking to Mayer Brown practices in five categories:
  • Global
    Business Process Outsourcing
    Projects & Energy: Mining & Minerals

  • UK
    Energy: Mining

  • US
    IT & IT Outsourcing
    Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite
Chambers Global ranks Mayer Brown practices in a total of 34 national, regional and global categories. Chambers says clients feel that the US firm possesses "great strength around the world" in Business Process Outsourcing. Mayer Brown "continues to gain recognition in the market for its excellent capability" in Projects. According to Chambers, the firm's representation of the Panama Canal Authority in its expansion program "epitomizes its impressive Latin American profile." IT & IT Outsourcing is described as a "client-focused practice that has made quite a name for itself in the outsourcing arena." In the Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite category, a client says Mayer Brown "offers it all - prompt, consistently excellent work across the field."

"The results in Chambers Global are a clear indication of the great work we are doing for clients across offices and practices around the world," said James D. Holzhauer, Chairman of Mayer Brown. "We appreciate the recognition from this respected publication, and we will continue our efforts to deliver performance that sets the standard for quality in the legal profession."

For the Chambers Global 2008 directory, Chambers and Partners assigned a team of 50 full-time researchers to conduct thousands of interviews with clients and lawyers covering 170 countries over an eight-month period. Rankings are based on technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial awareness/astuteness, diligence and other qualities most valued by law firm clients.

Following is a complete list of the Chambers Global 2008 rankings for Mayer Brown.


    Business Process Outsourcing (Firm Band 1)

    Capital Markets: Securitisation (Firm Band 2)

    Capital Markets: Structured Finance & Derivatives (Firm Band 3)

    International Trade/WTO (Firm Band 3)

    Projects (Firm Band 5)

    Projects & Energy: Africa (Firm Band 3)
      Ian Coles (Band 1)

    Projects & Energy: Latin America (Firm Band 3)
      Barry N Machlin (Band 1)
      Stephen Hood (Band 1)
      John D Taylor (Band 2)

    Projects & Energy: Mining & Minerals (Firm Band 1)

    Projects & Energy: North America (Firm Band 3)

    TMT: Telecommunications (Firm Band 3)
      General Business Law (Firm Band 2)
        Ian Coles (Band 3)
    Latin America
      Corporate & Finance (Firm Band 4)
        Douglas A Doetsch (Band 3)
        Stephen Hood (Band 3)

      International Trade/WTO (Firm Band 2)
        Paulette Vander Schueren (Band 1)
        Edward Borovikov (Band 2)
      Banking & Finance: Locally-based International Counsel
        Stephen Hood (Band 1)
    China/Hong Kong
      Capital Markets: International & Hong Kong Law: Securitisation
        Jeffrey H Chen (Band 2)
      Banking & Finance
        Matthieu de Varax (Band 4)
      Corporate/M&A: Private Equity (Firm Band 2)
        Xavier Jaspar (Band 2)
        Guillaume Kuperfils (Band 3)
      Banking & Finance: Acquisition Finance & Syndicated Lending (Firm Band 5)
        Manfred Heemann (Band 3)
      Capital Markets: Equity
        Peter Nägele (Band 3)
      Capital Markets: Structured Finance (Firm Band 3)
        Ralf Hesdahl (Band 3)
        Jörg Wulfken (Band 4)

      Corporate/M&A (Firm Band 6)
    United Kingdom
      Capital Markets: Debt
        Drew Salvest (Band 4)
      Capital Markets: Equity Capital Markets: Securitisation (Firm Band 3)
        Kevin Hawken (Band 3)
        Bruce C Bloomingdale (Band 4)
      Capital Markets: Structured Finance
        Elana M Hahn (Up and coming)
      Competition/European Law (Firm Band 3)
        Frances Murphy (Band 3)
        Gillian Sproul (Band 4)
      Corporate/M&A: High-end Capability (Firm Band 4)
        Paul Maher (Band 2)
        Stephanie Bates (Band 4)
        Andrew Stewart (Band 5)

      Corporate/M&A: High-end Global Coverage (Firm Band 4)

      Dispute Resolution
        Clare Canning (Band 2)
        Stephen B Brown (Band 3)
        Andrew Legg (Band 4)
        David Allen (Band 5)

      Dispute Resolution: High Value (Firm Band 5)

      Energy: Mining (Firm Band 1)
        Ian Coles (Band 1)
      Energy: Oil & Gas
        Samantha J Hampshire (Band 3)
      Intellectual Property: General (Firm Band 3)

      Intellectual Property: Soft IP Specialists (Trade Mark, Copyright, Passing off, Design, Database)
        Stephen Gare (Band 5)
        Ian Wood (Band 5)
        Stephen Gare (Band 5)
      Real Estate Finance (Firm Band 5)
        Stephen Walsh (Band 4)
        Abigail Hooks (Associate to Watch)
    United States of America
      Banking & Finance (Firm Band 3)
        Robert C Baptista (Band 1)
        Christopher C Kupec (Band 3)
        Douglas A Doetsch (Band 3)
        J Paul Forrester (Band 3)

      Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (Firm Band 4)

      Capital Markets: Derivatives
        Joseph P Collins (Band 3)
      Capital Markets: Securitisation (Firm Band 2)
        Christopher J Brady (Band 3)
        Paul A Jorissen (Band 3)
        Stuart M Litwin (Band 3)
        Carol A Hitselberger (Band 4)
        George A Pecoulas (Band 4)
        Jon D Van Gorp (Band 4)
        Mary C Fontaine (Band 4)
        Jason H P Kravitt (Senior Statesman)
        Robert F Hugi (Senior Statesman)

      Competition/Antitrust (Firm Band 3)

      Corporate/M&A (Firm Band 4)
        Scott J Davis (Band 3)

      Intellectual Property (Firm Band 3)

      International Trade (Firm Band 3)

      International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy
        Michael Kantor (Band 2)
        Peter L Scher (Band 3)
        James J Jochum (Band 5)

      IT & IT Outsourcing (Firm Band 1)

      IT & IT Outsourcing: Outsourcing
        Daniel A Masur (Band 1)
        Brad L Peterson (Band 2)
        David M Hudanish (Band 2)
        Nigel L Howard (Band 2)
        Paul J N Roy (Band 2)
        Rebecca S Eisner (Band 2)

      Litigation: Trial Lawyers
        Vincent J Connelly (Band 1)
      Private Equity: Fund Formation
        Herbert W Krueger (Band 2)

      Tax: Corporate (Firm Band 2)

      Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite (Firm Band 1)
        Theodore A Livingston (Band 1)
        Dennis G Friedman (Band 2)
        Robert M Dow (Band 2)
        Christian F Binnig (Band 3)
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