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WASHINGTON, DC - The Acquisition Advisory Panel, chaired by Mayer, Brown partner, Marcia Madsen, recently released its final report to Congress and the Office of Management & Budget. The 13-member panel, created by Congress and appointed by the White House, was charged with reviewing federal acquisition laws, regulations and policies, and making recommendations for reform.

On the same day, Madsen went before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to explain the Panel's findings and pending reform legislation that incorporates many of their recommendations. The 450 page report proposes more than 80 recommendations for improving the federal procurement process, including measures to enhance competition, manage interagency contracts, improve the federal acquisition workforce and address the growing use of contractors to support that workforce.

Mayer, Brown considered the project a pro-bono effort, with several lawyers and staff members in the firm's Washington, D.C. office contributing time and effort to the Madsen-led project. David Dowd and Luke Levasseur also assisted with research and drafting. Staff members Barbara Raffaele, Pamela Dixon and Alon Prunty also assisted in the preparation and completion of the final report for publication.

To learn more about the Acquisition Advisory Panel or to view the final report, visit the website at: