Episode 1: Staying Ahead of AI

Across a variety of industries, more and more companies are building, buying and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their technology services agreements to further their business goals. Studies forecast that by 2021, 46 percent of companies will have implemented AI and will be spending a total of $58 billion on AI annually. With this rapidly changing landscape, how do we stay ahead of AI and apply contracting principles and frameworks? Mayer Brown partner Rebecca Eisner shares her insights as part of our Tech Talks series.


Episode 2: The Future of Outsourcing

The future of outsourcing is digital. New technologies will pair custom, made-for-you solutions with fast, accurate and low-cost automated services. However, digital outsourcing is fundamentally different and will require a new approach when contracting for these services to maximize value and avoid costly pitfalls. Mayer Brown partner Brad Peterson shares his insights as part of our Tech Talks series.



Episode 3: The Big Data Paradox

Big data is top of mind at virtually every company and is often described as one of a business’s most valuable assets. In spite of this, many companies are paying far too little attention to compliance with the legal and contractual terms governing the use of the underlying data or “data governance,” potentially exposing themselves to increased risk when implementing big data strategies. Mayer Brown partner Dan Masur shares his insights as part of our Tech Talks series.


Episode 4: Blockchain's Possibilities for Contracting

In today's interconnected, “always-on” environment, it is easy to forget how dependent we all are on records and, more importantly, on the people we trust to make these records correctly and to hold them securely. One solution has been the “trusted third party,” who maintains a single ledger for a group. Blockchain is another solution. From a legal perspective, there are challenges with both the blockchain technology and the idea of adopting smart contracts. Mayer Brown partner Oliver Yaros shares his insights as part of our Tech Talks series.