Paris Pro Bono

Mayer Brown places legal assistance to charitable organization throughout the world at the centre of its strategy. This commitment is part of Mayer Brown’s core values and the support of each lawyer is recognized and regarded on the same level as assistance to clients.

Each pole of expertise of the office is involved as the foundations and associations advised by Mayer Brown require a wide variety of services, including aspects of the law on associations, criminal law, administrative law and financial law. A special committee ensures the operation of Mayer Brown’s Pro Bono services. Mayer Brown is recognized worldwide for its actions towards the poorest and in particular the suffering people. The technical and ethical performance of its lawyers have provided great personal and professional satisfaction along with great pride to Mayer Brown’s teams.

Mayer Brown thus provides assistance to people under death penalty in the United States, veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, organizations working in the field of cancer research, associations entrusted with the protection of nature and the environment. This philanthropic spirit lies within our values and meets our requirements regarding ethics and our duties in the field of Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR).

A few significant examples:

  • ISLP
  • Medair
  • The Global Alliance for Legal Aid
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Vance Project
  • World Bank
  • World Bank Group
  • WWF