Data is becoming an increasingly valuable asset. And for many companies, data licenses can be a vital source of revenue, the gateway to big-data insights, or a point of vulnerability in audits. Whether you are involved in technology transactions to use, license, transform or analyze data, your data use is subject to numerous regulatory restrictions.

50 Lawyers in Americas Asia and EuropeMoreover, with suppliers processing a growing volume of company data, the security of a company’s data is only as strong as its weakest supplier’s security systems. Management of privacy and security risks with third-party providers involves three major steps for a company: selecting secure suppliers, obtaining strong contact terms and ongoing monitoring of suppliers as part of an overall written information security plan. Success in all three steps relies on making best use of the company’s subject matter experts, cybersecurity assessments and written information security plans, as well as a thorough understanding of relevant laws.

Our team of highly ranked Technology Transactions lawyers is uniquely suited to help companies implement these risk-mitigation steps. We regularly deal with data issues in connection with outsourcing transactions, global supply chain and customer agreements, cloud deals, big data analytics, licensing, social media and mobility, and other transactions. Our lawyers routinely negotiate issues pertaining to the licensing and transfer of data, safeguarding of personal data and implementation of terms and conditions required for compliance with data protection and security laws.

We regularly support clients with their data strategies, including:

  • Data analytics
  • Privacy and data security protections
  • Licensing
  • Transfer
  • Contractual protections
  • Regulatory compliance in commercial and corporate transactions