In the area of brand management, Mayer Brown’s trademark practice is second to none. Brand managers at multinational, emerging growth companies, and established mid-sized businesses rely on Mayer Brown to help protect, preserve, enforce and monetize their trademark assets. Whether they are assessing a trademark portfolio, securing and maintaining trademark rights, assisting with clients’ advertising campaigns and branding initiatives or engaging in litigation to resolve disputes, our lawyers work with clients to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their business objectives and choose the right options to advance their business strategies. By taking such a complete approach to IP portfolio management, we can begin to protect IP assets from the moment of creation and help clients build a profitable IP portfolio.

We manage tens of thousands of global trademark files. We assist clients in the day-to-day management of their trademark portfolios and with every aspect of securing, protecting, enforcing, and monetizing their brands on a global basis.

We excel at working in collaboration with clients to create a strategic plan for building and protecting all of our clients’ brand assets. Our lawyers will identify any necessary steps to change the way rights are developed and protected, including trade secret procedures, licensing and joint venture agreements, registration and enforcement. A broad strategic vision is typical of all Mayer Brown’s brand management services—and is why companies that have invested in developing their trademark assets depend on us.

Intellectual Property Practice of the Year 2020