As every CEO and Board member knows, every company today is a data company, and the smart companies map a strategy toward a data-driven future. This strategy toward building innovation through digital trust must start with appropriate oversight and governance from the CEO and Board. To address issues such as generative AI, privacy and cybersecurity, leaders need advisors who can anticipate opportunities and risks. Companies that are thriving in today’s digital landscape came away from the pandemic with three differentiators: their CEOs and Board members embrace technology; exercise appropriate oversight to ensure the enterprise manages data responsibly; and understand that successful digital innovation revolves around garnering the trust of stakeholders (e.g., customers, business partners, employees and regulators). This means going beyond the minimum required by the law and focusing on enhancing ESG and other business goals through digital leadership.

The Opportunities, The Issues

CEOs, other corporate officers and directors, and in-house counsel turn to our Global Data Innovation (GDI) team for advice on how to champion digital transformation in their organizations. They want to bring innovative data-centric products and services to market while mitigating the inherent security risks and contending with shifting, overlapping and often conflicting regulatory requirements.

We draw on our deep understanding of and worldwide work in cybersecurity and data privacy, vendor and supply chain management, technology and IP transactions, and antitrust and competition to help our clients unlock the enormous economic potential of collecting, analyzing and using data. In particular, we have experience advising on artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous technology—areas with a significant risk of data compromise given the massive amounts of data collected.

Tailored Advice

Each company is unique, so we provide advice tailored to each company and appropriate for the audience at the company.


We work with board members to help them understand:

  • How to handle data as a pre-tangible asset in our post-data world
  • What questions to ask your CEO about data stewardship
  • How to meet your fiduciary duty of oversight of data privacy/security
  • What data regulators expect you to know about your company’s data
  • What are the top issues for boards that we’ve identified through regulatory enforcement actions
  • Which questions on privacy and data security you should ask before any M&A deal is consummated
C-Suite Leadership-Focused

For C-suite executives, we advise on:

  • How to answer the key privacy questions that every corporate officer must be able to answer
  • How to turn digital transformation into digital advantage
  • How to motivate your production teams to adopt “privacy by design” and “defense in depth”
  • How to protect your board with regular reporting on data management
  • How to treat data like an asset
In-House Counsel-Focused

We ensure that in-house counsel has a keen understanding of:

  • How to protect your company from legal pitfalls, including regulatory enforcement, litigation, and shareholder suits
  • How to develop a comprehensive compliance program for all key areas of data management
  • How to keep your corporate leadership updated on critical issues identified in data impact litigation
Officer-Focused, for CCOs, CDOs, CPOs, CTOs and CIOs

We advise corporate officers about:

  • How to communicate the importance of trends to your C-suite and board
  • How new issues are impacting data, illustrated with a heat map of issues customized for your business
  • How to develop data champions in your institution
  • How to anticipate and avoid regulatory/litigation risks that can take a company by surprise
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