Mayer Brown has a global team of lawyers with experience advising our issuer and underwriter clients on initial public offerings. For most companies and their owners, an initial public offering (IPO) is a once-in-in-a-lifetime event that represents the culmination of many years of hard work. An IPO can provide a company’s shareholders and management with a significant sense of accomplishment and is often one of the most important milestones in the evolution of a company, for its owners, management, employees and other stakeholders.

An IPO, however, will also frequently bring with it a sense of upheaval, as an IPO often requires significant changes to the way a company operates and conducts itself—membership in the "public" world brings with it legal and compliance obligations that need to be both understood and acted upon.

Mayer Brown has a global team of IPO lawyers with experience guiding our issuer and underwriter clients through the IPO process in most of the major markets across the globe, from the initial kickoff meeting through completion of the IPO.

If you would like to learn more about initial public offerings, please click on the links below to download a copy of our Initial Public Offerings – An Issuer’s Guide for your region. The regional guides are intended to help potential IPO candidates and their owners, management teams and in-house lawyers assess the commercial and legal implications—both good and bad—of going public. The guides describe the time, effort, costs and documentation typically involved in conducting an IPO. We believe that a wide array of market participants, including underwriting banks, law firms and other financial and legal advisers, will also find them helpful.

Download Initial Public Offerings – An Issuer’s Guide (US Edition) 

Download Initial Public OfferingsAn Issuer’s Guide (Asian Edition)

Download Initial Public Offerings – An Issuer’s Guide (European Edition)

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