Hong Kong IP & TMT Counsel Karen Lee sat on the executive panel to discuss the topic of “Managing Cybersecurity at Financial Institutions in the Time of Pandemic”, at the 11th Annual BankTech Executive Summit in Hong Kong on 3 July 2020.

The Market Intelligence Group (MIG)-organised event addressed the theme of “Disruptive Technologies Redefining the New Era of Financial Services”, bringing together some of the most influential thought leaders on cybersecurity at financial institutions to explore opportunities for leveraging FinTech to facilitate digital innovation. The panellists discussed the challenges and demands presented by cybersecurity technologies and the urgent need that the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted for security improvements in the digital culture for both employees and end users. In particular, Karen provided practical tips on how Financial Institutes can prepare to deal with cyber attacks, and emphasised the importance of ensuring that vendor contracts not only deal with cybersecurity but also a vendor’s obligations if a cyber attack occurs.