Our Medical Device group has extensive market, technical and industry knowledge and experience. The group includes lawyers from our intellectual property, commercial litigation and dispute resolution, product liability and mass torts, class actions, licensing, regulatory, corporate and securities, and tax practices.

Many of our lawyers have interdisciplinary qualifications in areas of prime importance to the industry, including medicine, pharmacy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, biochemistry and biology. Many of our practitioners hold doctorate degrees (MD, PhD, PharmD) and master’s degrees in those fields. We have more than 50 registered patent lawyers with science degrees who are admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). A number of them have worked in industry as scientists, engineers and in-house counsel.

Our team’s extraordinary grounding helps us quickly understand our clients’ legal, scientific and practical concerns in the full range of complex technologies and clinical settings, which enables us to provide advice and representation tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances. We know not only the applicable law but also its practical application within the medical device industry. Our team spans the globe from Asia to Europe to the Americas. In China, we have the added experience of handling medical malpractice cases.

Our Medical Device group advises on a full range of issues related to the entire life cycle of medical devices, from the creation of a medical device, to the myriad functions necessary to form and operate a medical device company, to litigation over medical devices. Those capabilities include:

  • Intellectual property counseling
  • Licensing negotiations
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Product liability and mass torts
  • Consumer class actions
  • Appellate
  • Trial proceeding before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board including Inter Partes reviews
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Transactions and joint ventures
  • Antitrust and competition
  • International transfer pricing and taxation
  • Restructuring and Insolvency


Our lawyers have worked on matters involving a wide range of medical devices and medical technologies, including:

Cardiovascular: angioplasty devices, stents (coronary, renal), catheters (ultrasound, imaging, balloon, ablation), pulse oximeters, defibrillators (implantable and AED defibrillators and hospital/EMS defibrillator monitors), pacemakers, defibrillator leads, fall detection/alert devices, infusion pumps, beating heart surgical tools, endovascular coils for aneurysms, linear accelerators, intra-aortic balloons

Dental: dental implants, dental attachments, dental positioning adjustment devices

Dermatology: microdermabrasion devices, transdermal delivery systems

Diagnostic and Imaging: PET scanners, MRI devices, catheters (ultrasound, imaging), ultrasound machines, brain imaging, wireless patient monitors, patient-worn telemetry devices, multi-parameter patient monitors, dockable transport monitors, remote ICU monitoring systems, telemedicine systems, x-ray machines and tubes, diabetes test devices

Digital Health and Telemedicine: digital data, digital treatment plans, electronic medical records, interoperable devices, medical apps

Drug Delivery and Combination Products: drug-coated stents, needles, auto-injectors, epinephrine pens, inhalers, nebulizers, implantable pumps, implantable drug-release devices

Ocular: intraocular lenses, ophthalmologic implants and instruments, eye drops

Spinal: intervertebral and spinal stabilization implants and instruments (screws, rods, articulating devices), vertebroplasty implants and instrumentation, bone graft materials

Surgical: wound healing devices, vascular closure devices, veinous and arterial grafting materials and devices, cannulae, balloon cannulae, ablation devices, orthopedic implants (hip, knee, ankle, wrist) and instrumentation, tools for beating heart surgery, saphenous vein harvest, extraperitoneal hernia repair, silicone implants, surgical staplers, trocars, surgical microscopes, suture anchors, surgical navigation systems, cochlear implant systems

Tissue and Stem Cells: skin grafting, organ and tissue regeneration and transplantation, stem cell therapies

Treatment Devices: radiation therapy devices, Gamma Knife machines, nasal cannulae, cancer ablation devices, bone growth stimulator, inhalers

Urology: endoscopic catheters, stents, stone extraction devices

Machines and Monitors: sleep apnea machines and masks, circulation foot pumps, wireless patient monitors, patient-worn telemetry devices, multi-parameter patient monitors, dockable transport monitors, remote ICU monitoring systems, linear accelerators