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Florida Becomes Latest State to Introduce “True Lender” Legislation

Florida Becomes Latest State to Introduce “True Lender” Legislation - Florida's Senate Bill 146, introduced for the 2024 session, follows the "true lender" trend seen in other states. The proposed legislation aims to prevent predatory lending practices by amending the Florida Consumer Finance Act, establishing anti-evasion measures and re-characterizing certain nonbanks as lenders. If enacted, the law would take effect on July 1, 2024, and would render loans originated in violation of the anti-evasion provision void and unenforceable. Read More>>


Wisconsin Clarifies No-Fee Advances Are Not “Payday Loans”

Wisconsin clarified on November 16, 2023, that advances of money where the lender does not require or accept any fees or charges are not considered "payday loans." The amendment enables fee-free lenders in the state to operate without a payday lender license, including those facilitating electronic fund transfers, as outlined in Senate Bill 259, effective from November 18, 2023. Read More>>


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